iOS 8

I’ve been running iOS 8 for some time. well since WWDC14. But only in the last 48hrs has the fun been poured over iOS once again.  

Boy was I shocked once it was installed updated on my iPad3, Apple TV3 now with my newest edition the mid 2014 Mac Book Air running the new. OS X Yosemite.

Working around all this makes you feel like a super OP office worrier!. I mean that.. Typing an E-mail on my phone, boom that E-mail is on my Mac waiting to go. I can leave my phone docked charging in the other room, Incoming phone call boom on my Mac it just works. Text messages not a problem, for my little green lovers. I can text you back from my iPad. These little things i’ve been waiting for in iOS.

Now iOS 8 is live the Devs can start having fun again with iOS. For years Apple has kept its hands closed around iOS leading people to JB there devices to open the lighter side of iOS. Notification centre widgets. OMG digging open table in there.



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