iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Good Morning. My fellow Apple Fans. Right

As we all know the iPhones are now on sale racking in more cash then ever before pre, during and after, far after in fact. That is the case now with apple pay. they make a small but HUGE cut from our day to day sales with complete ease at mind. A simple thumb scan and away we go. Personal I love the idea! and long over due!

Now i’m not making a stand at apple here but….

OMG watching the first wave of drop test!. PLEASE people get apple care+. It might save you some cash in the long run. Or a bloody good case, unlike the iPhone before. This design tho stunning and lovely to hold. Causes the screen to pop out in places from a pocket hight fall!. Leaving me to first of all find a nice classy skin to hide them nasty antenna lines. Please twelve south pull out all the stocks and give me a new smart sexy case…


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